Size: XS-S

Underbust: 70-80cm
Waist: 60-68cm

Strap-width: 10mm


Features: classic hook-closures in the waist & neck

Care: handwash – oldschool but necessary

Materials: Polyester, Elastane

Chitonya Face

  • About Chitonya Face

    Crafted with true definition from royal blue satin elastic strapping, CHITONYA FAYE features a subtle choker, with further elastic straps creating a rush of hormone-inducing shapes to catch all wandering eyes. Made from materials of exceptionally high quality, this collection ensures you’re wearing a harness made from truly handmade quality. CHITONYA FACE is lined fully with satin elastic, with classic hook closures at the back and neck to give you great comfort in your boudoir.

    CHITONYA FACE is part of the Keep it Casual collection.

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