Underbust: 70-80cm
Waist: 60-65cm
Strap-width: 5mm

Features: adjustable straps (legs) & classic hook-closures in the back (neck,underbust & waist)
Care: handwash – oldschool but necessary
Materials: Polyester, Polyramide, Elastane

Grace Full Onepiece

  • About Grace Full

    Meet GRACE FULL: a package engulfed with sophistication and lust. The naughtiest piece from the range is the playsuit covered in dark purple satin stretch elastic. A central strap drapes down the body, with more strapping around the collar, around and down to below the waist, with a touch of gold-toned metal rings to finish the image. The unique-cage effect pattern was carefully handcrafted on the body in a traditional fashion way and will give anyone the pinnacle of comfort, thanks to the adjustable straps and classic hook closures on the back. 

    GRACE FULL Onepiece is part of our Keep it Casual collection.

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