Size: Onesize XS-M

Underbust: 68-80cm
​​​​Strap-width: 10mm


Features: adjustable straps & classic hook-closures in the back

Care: handwash – oldschool but necessary

Materials: Polyester, Elastane

Pinky Promise

  • About Pinky Promise

    Spoil yourself with a harness that screams self-confidence, which can be worn with true conviction as either an underwear or outerwear piece. With playful purpose, yet styled to still be functional, this piece is plush and provocative, to allow you to feel the luxury as you play. The PINKY PROMISE harness is lined fully with satin and geometrically laid out, with adjustable straps and a classic hook closure at the back.

    PINKY PROMISE is part of the Keep it Casual collection.

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