Size: Onesize XS-M

Underbust: 67-80cm

Strap-width: 10mm


Care: handwash – oldschool but necessary

Materials: Polyester, Polyramide, Elastane, Stainless Steel

LADY BUNNY is part of our Debut collection.

Lady Bunny

£55.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
  • About Lady Bunny

    This handcrafted piece was attentively constructed with care, to ensure the LADY BUNNY is completely flawless, with a symmetrical shape that highlights the risky cleavage. This harness is very supple, but still embodies true classiness, especially as it is part of our debut collection.

    This harness has been worn for photoshoots and might show minor visible usage at the elastic, which doesn't influence its fitting and comfort. LADY BUNNY is refurbished and ready to wear.

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