To ensure you're receiving the perfect harness for your measurements, you should know your own bust & underbust size, as well as your waist measurement. The adjustable straps in most of our styles allows you to personalise your harness to the correct fit and also means that our bras will fit across a number of different sizes, as all items have been designed with aesthetic and funtionality in mind.
Down below you can check your measurements in the sizing chart. As all our harnesses, playsuits and sets are made on body, we provide the exact measurements of our mannequin to make sure you will have the best basis to compare your own measurements. 

Harnesses, Playsuits & Sets 

When putting on a handcrafted lace harness, you should take special attention to rings and fingernales, just because these pieces can be very delicate. Obviously they are still made to be worn, but to keep them as long as possible in a new state, you should still be careful during the fitting, as our costumised satin elastic bands are constructed to stretch around the body just as a second skin.

In any case, please don’t put your harness on with the closure in the front and glide it around your waist afterwards, this might end up in crinkleling and simple knots, as well as this will cause more pulling on your straps. If you want to be sure, just have someone nearby to assist you.

If your harness might crinkle up and you can’t figure out, how to fit your harness, there are two ways how to dress up in your harness as easy as possible:
1 | In case you are struggeling with a lace harness, just fit your piece in front of a mirror by laying down the lace on your chest as pictured on the original store photo. The straps should naturally show you where to go. As most shoulder straps are adjustable, try to find these loops for your arms by finding the sliders and rings. The underbust band is easy to discover by its classical hook closure.
2 | If you’re trying on your a Keep it Casual or Sweet and Saucy harness for the very first time, it might be a little harder to figure out how to fit your lingerie. Lay your harness out on a flat surface with all closures unhooked. As all our strappy-harnesses are symmetrical, you will soon figure out the middle of your harness.
Hook closures will normally guide you neck-, underbust-, and waiststraps. Arm- or shoulderstraps will be recognizable through sliders and rings to adjust these special straps. If your harness is a neckholder or features a choker, it is best to start with this closure. Just lay it around your neck and glide through the arm-loops in case your harness isn’t a neckholder. Flatten the harness on your skin and it will naturally guide you to your underbust band which might need subtle pulling under your breasts. Be careful not to pull your straps too hard or make sure you have someone nearby to assist you.
If your harness features a waistband, it will automatically be on your waist-hight and you’ll be able to easily close it. That should be it! You might perhaps want to tighten your shoulder straps for perfect adjustment and then you’re ready to play.


Please be careful whilst you undress and open the hook closures, as they’re made to stay closed during any activity, therefore they might be more difficult than first expected, especially as they are on your back.

For style or fit advice, please email GNM on



If you're still unsure about your size and measurements or need further caring advice, just contact us at

We can help you the best if you provide us all your measurements including hight and a photo of you in skinny clothing with your body shape visible. 



All of our garments are carefully handmade and will therefore need special treatment whilst caring and cleaning as well. 
Handwash is oldschool, but necessary with all of our pieces, so make sure you handwash all our harnesses/playsuits/sets in luke warm water using mild detergent.

When airdrying our pieces, they might show slight crinkleling after handwashing them, which doesn't effect the look of our pieces when worn. To make sure your garments will stay in perfect appearance, hand washed garments must be dried flat (especially lace!), no wringing, and dried and stored away from direct sunlight or heat.

Most of our harnesses feature our own costumised satin-strap elastic band in its bright and glossy colours. When you wash your harness for the first time, you might see a really slight colouring of the water, although your lingerie piece won’t lose its bright colour. This is characteristic of the natural fabric and might discolour other garments, so make sure you wash it separately. After excessive repeated cleaning silk satin fabrics might show a very slight loss of lustre. Crinkles in dried satin stretch will not shown whilst wearing.


When washing lace, make sure you don't wear any rings and take care of longer fingernails. Multicoloured lace should be handwashed separately without wringing or much rubbing. Lace need to be airdryed flat, otherwise it will show crinkles, which might be visible when worn. To get rid of crinkles, you can just wet your garment and let it airdry to receive a perfect flat lace again.

Chain and rhinestone featuring pieces should either be treated with dry-cleaning or carefully only be partly bathed in luke warm water. This works fine with rhinestone featuring pieces and in case the rhinestone appliques become wet, they should be dried with a clean cloth as soon as possible, otherwise it may show discolouration in future. Crinkled lace in chain-featuring can be flattend by only wetting the lace and let it airdry withoutd wringing and away from direct sunlight or heat. Multiple wetted chains might show discolouration after drying. Chain featuring jewellery-choker should only be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth.

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