Hello everybody and welcome to our Collections page! Even though we are always working on new collections or update older ones, you will find a good overview of all of them right here. 
Find out about how it all started and find your favourite collection!


One of the most elegant collections is definitely Classy Chains, based on the combination of unicoloured lace and silver, gold or colour-dyed chains. Wear these harnesses on top of your skinny or party dress to accomplish the underwear-as-outerwear trend and become the eyecatcher of the night!

If you like it fringy, or just want to upgrade your outfit with a nice accessorize, the choker of the Fringy collection are the right choice. Find out about all the different colours and options! If you're favourite is sold out, feel free to request a custom made version for you!





The Cute or Kinky collection is the definition of breath-taking and our personal favourite!. Indulge yourself in an attractive, meticulously crafted range that returns in a new, intimate shade of coloured lace and choose your favourite from over 30 different designs! The collection features attractive lace, adjustable elastic straps and classic hook closures. The caged effect produces plenty of glamour with an exciting bondage-inspired aesthetic. Discover our Cute or Kinky collection and pick your personal favourite!




Let's get classy. There is nothing more simple and stunning than the "little black" harness. It looks gorgeous on its own, but is still good to combine. Anyway, this is the style how it all started and this is where our roots are!



For jaw dropping sex appeal, our Keep it Casual collection is the number one choice. These straps-only-pieces were inspired purely by the female body, as all-commanding statement playsuits & harnesses to wear in the boudoir or with an accompanying outerwear piece. The open-gusset or open-rear styles features soft satin elastic strap striking across the entire body! Decide yourself whether or not you reveal or conceal. The prominent pattern will peek through a simple white shirt, to add flavour to any outfit.





The Gold Collection is the definition of breath-taking! Indulge yourself in an attractive, meticulously crafted range that returns in a new, glamorous colour. Crafted from soft gold lace, featuring interwoven lurex, to give off a subtle sparkle to make you shine.


Chinese New Year: with a combination of erotic bondage inspiration, yet softened with pleasing gold&black-toned lace. To give off a subtle sparkle to make you shine, these harnesses are crafted from soft gold lace with  scalloped edges, featuring black chains to make these pieces both: body jewellery and teasing harness. They are gracefully finished by lightweight black chains with classic gold clasp-closures to give you flexibility with your adjustment.
Idolize your body in this lustful harness, that’s designed to tease and please.


Choke on it! Our outstanding lettering-choker will make everybody gag! Handmade out of vegan materials, these chokers are true statement pieces and speak for themselves. You're looking for an individual piece, just made for you? If you fancy your own special statement, feel free to drop us a message and you'll soon wear your own customised piece!


on it



Our Sweet and Saucy collection features true showgirl pieces! With beaded highlights at your neckline, ribcage or anywhere you could imagine, clear rhinestones will highlight every irresistible detail of your body! With the strapping framing all of your important assets, rhinestone details finish that sexy, sensual look. The beautiful and sensual shades of this collection add a lustful detail to every single already salacious piece.


Our Sequin harnesses and jewellery pieces are only for true lovers! With every single sequin stitched on its own, these pieces are way more than classic harnesses and bondage pieces. We call this our Haute Couture collection and will provide you more information on demand, hoping to have these pieces soon featuring in our online shop!


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